The Club was formed in 1967 by local parents keen to ensure that each player who trained during the week would get at least half a game on the weekend. This culture of giving a go to everyone who participates is still maintained today.

The Club moved to its current location at Biggs field, named after the Club’s founder and current patron John Biggs, in 1974. In 1989, the Club joined the premier competition for senior teams. Our first Australian player was David Giffin in 1996, who played in that year’s Rugby World Cup.

In early 1994 the Club developed a master plan, in conjunction with the Brisbane City Council, for the creation of a facility to appeal to the many community, sporting and cultural groups in the Sunnybank area.


Community Involvement

More than 33,000 local people are Club members and many local organisations are directly involved with the Club including:

  • Sunnybank Senior Rugby Club
  • Sunnybank Junior Rugby Club
  • MacGregor Cricket Club
  • MacGregor Netball Club
  • Sunnybank Brass Band
  • Runcorn Swimming
  • Sunnybank Community Golf Club
  • Capri Car Club of Qld.

Facility Development

In early 1994 it became evident that for the Club to survive it would need to improve its facilities and expand its area of appeal to that of a community club which would encompass the many community, sporting and cultural groups within the Sunnybank area.

The Club developed a master plan, in conjunction with Brisbane City Council, for the future development of the facility in conjunction with the Mimosa Creek Master Plan, which was being developed at the time.

Planning, gaining of approvals and finance took over five years to be completed with a further 12 months for construction. During the process the club also changed its trading name to the Sunnybank Community & Sports Club to further emphasise the importance of the club’s community involvement.


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